Michael Rees

I began exploring programming when I was in high school. Since then, I have worked on a large number of personal projects, most of which can be found at my personal Github page. I also publish work on my Gitlab and sr.ht pages. Of these, the most ambitious was an HTML rendering engine.

I have spent much of the last several months working on a website meant to help church organists plan and discover repertoire for their weekly services. Although this tool is still under construction, an early version is available for use.

At Saracen, I worked mainly with Python and Java. However, one of my favorite pastimes is learning new programming languages, so I am able to pick up new languages extremely quickly. Lately, most of my personal projects have been in either Go or Rust, although I have also been dabbling in Nim.

I have recently started building a command line RSS reader called Roman, written in Nim. Roman is intentionally slim, but it can subscribe to feeds, display individual posts, and mark posts as read.