Michael Rees

I graduated with a degree in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College in the Class of 2017. After graduation, I became a Junior Analyst at Saracen Energy Advisors in Houston, Texas. At Saracen, I was tasked with running the data platform, keeping the extensive collection of data up to date, and I also developed several internal tools that were used throughout the company.

I also play the pipe organ, and am currently Organist at Barrington United Methodist Church near Chicago.

I left Saracen at the end of 2018 in preparation for a move to Chicago. I spent 2019 focusing on my career as an organist and on building LiturgiCal, a tool for church musicians to plan repertoire for weekly services. In January 2020, I began working at Ibira Capital Management as a quantitative analyst.

I am a non-evangelical Linux enthusiast, and am generally interested in all things digital. I can often be found working on any number of side projects, either on one of my many programming projects or tinkering with my Raspberry Pi.

I have a deep interest in digital typography, and have worked with many typesetting languages, including LaTeX, groff (with the mom macro set), Lout, and Patoline. As part of this interest, I spent some time working on my own typesetting language, Burro.